My favourite words

They are…



whats up



1 of my poems I have written

                            Little boys dream

One day I looked in the mirror I tought to myself and said I could be a rower. I asked my mum to put up her thumbs and say yes to having a family rowing day, but she said no way.
I ran upstairs to cuddle my bears because I was so upset but my mum didn’t care one bit. She turned around, I made no sound as she went to shout, but she said it Was Ted here who wanted to play about.
I told my  mum we were going to the shops, but actually we were not. We really went on a rowing day and had a fun little play.I joined a club that was next to a pub and went every Tuesday.Years later I was winning golds at the Olympic Games.
                                   The End

Another 1 of my poems I have written

         Christmas poem

The cat in the  christmas hat is so very very fat,he lay on the mat for years and years until he was flat, his name is nat,he chased a rat,he did like a  big chat

And he did like bats,The bats were as big as Santa,So  the reindeer could cantor,With bats on there backs, the reindeers sat on the mat next to the cat in the Christmas hat, then went for a cantor next to Santa.
 Nat now sat on the mat not lay not pray but sat on the mat,He could just not stand to stand up,he is just too fat.
He lay on the mat until he was so fat, that he was so fat he could not get through the cat flap,He is just too fat,the cat who was fat,
Fat with a Christmas hat,So he lay there for days, weeks, months and even years for ever but then something bad happens the Christmas cat died.
                      THE END

“when there is a good there is a bad and when there is a bad there is a good”

I came up with this quote because its true in my life what about yours?